Dr. CYJ hair filler mistakes
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Mistakes are a part of everyone’s life and once they are committed can never be reversed back. However, we learn real life lessons from them. Once I too made a mistake but I don’t really say it’s the biggest mistake of my life but like every other mistake it left a great impact on me. Around my social circle, I was not one of those cool dude teenagers who usually are a part of almost every high school, who attract every other boy or girl. And then there was a point in my life when I started idealizing them and wanted to be like them. Well, idealizing someone is not a problem until and unless you started using unnecessary means to be like them.

And that’s what I did. When I was a teenager, some stupid people inspired me to extent that I adopted every possible ways just to look like them. I picked up the way they dress up, the way they walk or talk (being disrespectful to others) even started using harmful skin creams and toxic hair sprays. This continued on for five years.

Yeah I know I’m a boy but that doesn’t mean only girls are conscious about their hair or skin. Some boys do too care. It’s just that I did not use the right ways. . I used to apply them on daily basis. I must say my skin is strong enough to bear all the toxicity but my hair couldn’t stand out and ended up getting side effects, I did not realize initially but when I popped out of my teenage life and started going into the phase of manhood in my late 20s I realized I was losing my hair day by day and not like normal hair fall. I experienced different parts on my head went hair less. It honestly gave me a jerk at that moment. I still remember the day when I got out of shower and saw an area on my scalp went bald. I literally wanted to shout out and cry on the error I did.

I was about to get married in a couple of months and a part of me was falling apart. I swear, those were the most depressing days of my life up till now. I did not want to look way too older than my bride. Instead of bragging on the past blunder that I made, I had to go for the solution of the problem. And of all the list of solutions, I found one and only appropriate way out, to use Dr. CYJ hair filler.

Dr. CYJ hair filler is serum induced on scalp contains seven different types of peptides each performing its own specific function, collectively contributing in increasing the number of hair follicles that grows hair and provides nutrition to scalp and hair root for healthier and thicker hair shaft. Clearly, no better results can be obtained of all the best skincare or hair care products in the world under the supremacy of untrained personnel. And after a couple of sincere advices from my seniors I decided to use meso products. Not only because they are supplying the best quality products all over the market but also an expert who would painlessly complete the whole treatment. I am more than happy with my results.

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