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My confidence was so shaken, the day I got acne all over my skin. I used to had quite severe acne. It was something I did not like to talk about at that time but as soon as I came out of that tunnel of horrificness I am much more comfortable  to talk about my skin. I have also shared a picture with you to tell you how bad It was. But then I used Revofil Aquashine BR.

Normally, people get acne due to stress or anxiety or maybe the imbalance conditions inside them but my acne was not a result of depression. I used to be a complete sugar-colic, my handbags dressing tables, darers used to be full of chocolates and sweets instead of cosmetics.

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I started to get little spots on my forehead and then they spread on my cheeks and before I got anything, my whole face was covered with acne. I started to try more products, many people’s advice and none of them worked for me and googling things internet. I used to spend days on internet not thinking about anything just me and my acne which was not leaving me in any case. The expensive exfoliating creams, toners and the more stuff I put on my skin, the worst it got.

Then I visited an awesome dermatologist in London and he started my treatment. The medications he prescribed me were working for me and I was so happy that my acne is finally going away. Although it took nine months to completely get rid of my acne but eventually it was gone. Another trauma that I had been in was to get rid of the scars left after acne and it was even worse than acne.

The dermatologist I went to, knew they are not going to leave my skin easily, so he recommended me of dermal filler; Revofil Aquashine BR. It is basically anti-pigmentation and anti wrinkles serum that is injected into the skin. It is not at all harmful as it contains bio-active agents that are so far present in your skin. It simply rejuvenates your skin to make it pigments free and wrinkle free.

There was no way I was using it without my own acknowledgment to this product and its effects and the best seller because I could not take risk for my skin. I got my treatment done by meso products and the reason I loved their services was they are offering a professional guide who is trained to do surgeries.

Initially, I observed numbing on my skin but within three weeks after using Aquashine BR, my skin was back to normal, I felt more glow than I ever had on my skin.

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